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Vietnam Stainless Steel POW/MIA Bracelet

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Vietnam Stainless Steel POW/MIA Bracelet

Vietnam Stainless Steel POW/MIA Bracelet
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Vietnam Stainless Steel POW/MIA Bracelet

Product Number: 6020_40067

Never Forget! Wear one of these durable stainless steel bracelets and keep the issue alive. Tens of thousands of our brave soldiers are still not accounted for. The name, rank, branch of service, home state, date, and country of capture or disappearance are engraved on each bracelet. Sorry, we do not fill requests for specific names or home states. These bracelets are meant to be wearable memorials for the heroes of the United States of America. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, period. Usually ships within 3 - 5 business days.

If you have a bracelet and would like to get information on the individuals whose name is on the bracelet, send a letter to:
Defense POW/Missing Persons Office
ATTN: Public Affairs
2400 Defense, Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301 - 2400
Please include the information from the bracelet and ask them for the current status of the individual.

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Product Reviews ( leave a review )
Corey of Brookline MA
MIA Bracelet
I have had my bracelet, and only taken it off about a dozen times, for 13 years, it is faded, and battered and starting to break but i will keep it with me until i can find the family of 1LT Robert D Hauer or until he comes home. I am so happy to see so many people have these bracelets and want them and still wear them Thank You
Linda Hatch of Lake Havasu City, AZ
Pow Mia bracelet
I was so proud to receive my bracelet in 1970. In high school we all wore them. To this day I'm trying to find the family so I can send my bracelet back where it belongs and of course along with my heart
Taramarie Kraatz of Rochester, NY
pow/mia bracelet
I just received my bracelet today. I almost cried opening it.I think everyone should know about these bracelets, and maybe all the missing would be found. I will wear this bracelet until the name on it, Maj. George W. Clarke Jr is found. I hope "my" airforce pilot is found soon!
Lesley Love of Phoenix, AZ
POW from 70's
Have had mine since early 70's was glad to see a place to research their status! Would love to return it to the family!
Karen of
I wore a POW-MIA bracelet in the early seventies. The man, whose name was on that bracelet, returned from Vietnam, Commander Richard C. Mullen. I will always remember that man and the sacrifice he made for our country.
pinkshadow of Elkton, MD
My experience
I wore the bracelet back in the 70s, and cried the day I got to watch "my" soldier come home on TV. I still have the bracelet, broken and battered as it is. I'll be ordering another one in tribute to those who didn't make it home. My brother served 9 tours on an aircraft carrier and we lost him just two years ago. He was a brave seaman!
Dawn Fortier Hernandez of Franklin Park Illinois
POW/MIA bracelets
I'm surprised on how many people don't know what they stand for. I got 4 and gave 3 away I told the people I gave them to wear them until the person has returned home..Thank you service men and women for keeping our Country safe.
Bernice Fugate of Fort Lauderdale
Valerie Conner / Manuel Puentes
Valerie, I had the same name, BUT I still have my bracelet. I just returned from Vietnam and found his name on the Wall. Now I'm going to try to get in touch with his family and send them the bracelet. It belongs to them...but I wore that bracelet for years, he will always have a place in my heart. Email me at and I will let you know what I find out so we can both contact his family.
Bob Hawkins of St. Charles, Mo
MIA Bracelet
I'm a Viet Nam Vet Jan 68 to Jan 69. In 1970 I went to a Viet Nam Vets Fund raiser, and bought a bracelet. I have worn it for 41 years, and just this week I was able to contact his family. I will be sending his sister this bracelet with honor ! God bless all that served and there familys !
Fred B of okeechobee,FL
POW/MIA Bracelet
I am a Viet Nam Vet. 69-70.I have had 4 Viet Nam bracelets for over 40 Years. One came back alive ,Two the remains has been returned. and one I ware now.As one is returned I got another bracelet. I have never been without bracelet only as long as it takes to change from one to the other . I have returned all but the one I ware to the family's. I love to tell young and old about the bracelets when they ask.So many people are un aware of the meanings of them. My broters you will never be forgot...
Chris Bidelspach of Upper Jay
Mia Found
I got my braclet 9-99 and have never taken it off even when I had to go to the i c u. Just two days ago I found out my MIA was found 9-04. So I'm getting another one.I also have one from the korean war.
valerie conner of Alabama
POW/MIA Bracelet
I had one of the bracelets and I, too, never forgot the name even though I lost the bracelet years ago. I never will forget his name or what he gave up for us all. Thank you, Manuel Puentes.
Linda of Vancouver
MIA Bracelet
The original bracelet I received in the 1970's, was a guy who apparently returned home, as his name is not on the Wall, nor any of the MIA website lists. In honor of those who should never be forgotten, I ordered three more recently. Veteran's Day, is a good day to remember those lost, but not forgotten, in Viet Nam and Cambodia. Order several, and give as gifts to a vet, or family member.
Nina of NYC
Robert Shumaker
I still have the bracelet I bought inthe late 60's with the name CDR Rober Shumaker, 2/11/65. I just googled his name and found he was released in Feb. 1973 after 8 years and has retired from the Navy. I am still shocked that I finally learned what happened to him after all these years.
Cathy Lammers of Missouri
My bracelet
I had a Pow/MIA bracelet in high school in 1967-68 since then in many moves it has been lost, I miss it, but cannot remember the name on it. I will undoubtedly purchase another one now that I know they are still available.
Veronica of Christensen
POW/MIA braclets
I had always seen these as a kid and liked them, but I never had the opportunity to have one. I happened to stubble across a story in the local newpaper and was very disappointed in the headline. It made me quite upset. I found this website that sells them and so much more! I love it! I want to buy so much! :D I can't wait until I recieve my braclets. I'll wear them with pride for the people who are POW/MIA! God bless you all.
Jessie of Freeman
Ft. Rucker, Alabama
I adopted an MIA soldier from Vietnam after a high school project my senior year opened my eyes to the fact that so many men hadn't come home, and were STILL (this was the late 90's) unaccounted for. That memory of this selfless individual, and the continued memorial on my wrist has spurred me every time I felt sorry for myself, or overwhelmed with anything. I am now a pilot in the Army, and am preparing to replace this man, whom I didn't know, but who has been with me for over a decade-- wit...
Kelsi of Utah
My first :)
This is my first Pow/Mia braclete. I am 14 years old and care greatly for the family's with missing loved ones. I stumbled across the bracletes when i was looking for a picture that had to do with Pow/Mia. I was greatly excited and can't wait to get it :)
Jeff of Liberty,NC
Over Run
I still remember sitting out side the chow hall as a kid, with all the moms and other kids. About 12 years old then. My mother gave me a bracelet for her cousin Daniel Phillips who went MIA when the SF compound at .Lang Vei was over run with a few tanks. I still have the bracelet, but I've ordered another one since the older one is worn out. I pray for the guys at...Lang Vei esp. the guys who are now - MIA Presumed Dead.
Patty of Petaluma,CA
Getting a New Bracelet
As a teenager, I purchased a bracelet in 1971-or 1972..wore it every day. Exchanged bracelets with then boyfriend and was never able to get it back. We read paper everyday to see if 'our' guy came home..and on 3-3-73, William J Baugh was on the list! I remember he was gone since 1967, but not rank or service branch. I will be ordering another bracelet..I'm thrilled they are still available. We need to remember the sacrifices!
Danielle Powers of California
In Memory of Capt Murphy
I got my bracelet in 1972 and wore it for years, and wear it every April 23 the date Capt Larron Murphy went missing. He is my hero. I will never forget him. I am now ordering bracelets for my daughters. Never Forget
Terry Decoux of New Iberia, La.
Viet Nam MIA Bracleet
I have been wearing mine since 1978 and i will die with it on unless Maj. Frank A. Armstrong lll is brought home. We shall never forget! Ever!
Christina Gomez of Spokane,WA
Viet Nam MIA Bracelet
I was 10 years old when I recieved my bracelet and wore it for years; my officer was found many years later and I felt my stedfast faith in never removing my bracelet as well as before going to sleep said a prayer to this officer as well as his family w/ my belief that God would help me to help him find his way home; he was found and returned to his family and home in Calif. where I lived as well. I am now getting another bracelet as when I am not doing well I know all I have to do is feel th...
Patsy of Evansville, IN
I wore one of these back in the 70s for a POW and I work it for 15 yrs proudly, Im going to buy me and my daughter one to wear in hope. We are so proud of our service men and women.

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